• A -24hour cancellation policy applies for all bookings (including matches, activities, tournaments, courts and classes). In the event of a 'no-show', full court fee for matches and/or bookings and the full individual fee for activities, tournaments and/or classes will apply.
  • Please note, if you carry any pending payments, the Viya Padel app will not allow you to login (se: 'Incorrect authentication' message on the app). We therefore request you to settle your account to utilise the app.
  • To give possibilities to players to able to book, we have set a limit of 2 active bookings per player.


  • Bookings can be made up to 10 days in advance, and 13 days in advance for Viya Padel and Dubai Golf Annual Members.
  • Payment with credit card or vouchers* through the app: please note, there are no refunds for full court bookings, but rescheduling is possible within 2 weeks provided the request doesn't interfere with the -24hour cancellation policy. For rescheduling, please contact the reservations team (only 1 rescheduling allowed).
  • The club is not responsible for finding players for private bookings.


  • You will be able to join one of the matches created by the club if you have been assigned a level by one of coaches. If you do not have a level yet, you can register in the app: Club Activities - Level Assessment.
  • The Club will offer 2 matches per level per club every week (6 matches per level week across the three clubs).
  • you will only be able to see and join matches according to your level.
  • Visibility of 7 days in advance for open matches.
  • If a match doesn't reach to 4 players signed up, it automatically gets cancelled -4hours before the match time.
  • Match arrangements are an additional service provided by Viya Padel. Administration and management is done by the Club and it holds the right to refuse future participation to players who no-show, arrive late, endanger other players on court, lack sportsmanship or use inappropriate or disrespectful language to other players or staff.


All activities will be visible and available for booking through the app.

Use the Viya Padel App to secure your court


Vouchers for classes can only be utilised at the Club where it was purchased.